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For fast and reliable service, our team of professionals will help make sure that you are taken care of when it comes to having junk removed. Our high level of customer service and professionalism results in quality work that separates us from the rest. We are a Veteran-owned small business and strive to always provide our customers with the military precision, respect, and professionalism they deserve. We are PROUD to ALWAYS offer discounts to our military servicemen and women, first responders, and teachers. Located in Townsend MA, we service most of Central Massachusetts along with Southern New Hampshire. Reach out to us today by calling or texting 774-261-0179

Veteran & Family-Owned Junk Removal Business

Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal

When it comes to quality junk removal service, trust the professionals at Patriot Junk Removal. We take care of everything, all you have to do is point.

For your convenience, you can text us images of the junk you want us to remove and we will provide you with a FREE quote by phone. Make sure to take multiple from different angles for accuracy. If it is a larger job that we are unable to quote through pictures, we will request to come out to give you a free estimate in person.

Garage Cleanouts Services

Garage Cleanouts

It’s easy to generate a lot of clutter in your garage, especially when there’s a lot of space. You likely don’t want to think about having to get rid of it, and probably don’t know where it needs to go. If you are planning to clean out your garage, but don’t want to do it yourself, then give us a call because we can help!

Estate Cleanouts Services

Estate Cleanouts

Whenever an estate is left to a family or loved ones, there’s usually a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned up. The property is likely to be sold at some point, and in order to get the most value for the estate, it’s best to have the non-essential things removed. Cleaning out an estate after a death can be a daunting task, so let us help.

Foreclosure Cleanouts Services

Foreclosure Cleanouts

After a house becomes foreclosed, most of the belongings get left behind. In order to make it presentable to be sold again at some point, it needs to look in pristine shape. You can help get the house back into normal living conditions by giving us a call to remove all of the unwanted junk.

Appliance Removal Services

Appliance Removal

ou might have an old or broken appliance that’s taking up space in your home. Or you might be upgrading to the latest and greatest appliance. Whatever the case may be, we all know it’s no fun moving appliances out of our home. Let us help you get rid of unwanted appliances by hauling it away.
Hot Tub Removal Services

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs can be a lot of fun when you can use them properly. The second they start to have issues, break, or you no longer want it, then it becomes a hassle. By the time that you are looking to get rid of it, you don’t want to do it yourself. Not only is a hot tub extremely heavy, but it’s hard to break down. Call the experts, and we will help you.

Furniture Removal Services

Furniture Removal

Getting new furniture is a lot of fun. What do you do with the old stuff though? How do you get rid of it? Starting to think about those things can be stressful because you definitely don’t want more furniture than can fit into your house. Get in contact with our team so that we can help you move it out of the house
Shed Removal Services

Shed Removal

There’s so many possibilities and uses for sheds in your backyard. The moment you determine that you don’t want it anymore, or that it’s taking up too much space, is when you want it gone! Determining that you want the shed gone and actually breaking it down so that it can be removed from your premise, are two different things. Let us help you remove that shed.
Above Ground Pool Removal Services

Above Ground Pool Removal

Are you done with your above ground pool in the backyard? Tired of cleaning or maintaining it and want to get rid of it? It can be a daunting task and most people don’t want to even begin to think about it. We are experts when it comes to removing above ground pools.
Construction Debris Removal Services

Construction Debris Removal

If you are planning a project at your home or business, it’s smart to plan in advance to determine how you cleanup all of the debris. With so many options on how to do it, you’ll want to decide on a simple, cost-effective, and stress-free way to make this happen. Whether the project is big or small, we can help you clean it up.
Swing Set Removal with Patriot Junk Removal

Swing Set Removal

Patriot Junk Removal is a locally owned & operated junk removal company that specializes in swing set removal. Located in Townsend, MA you can trust us for reliability and competitive prices.

Fence Removal

Fences provide so much to homeowners or businesses. It can be great for privacy, keeping your dogs in the yard, and also add elegance to your property.

Junk Removal in Townsend, MA

Basement Cleanout

Have a basement that needs to be cleaned out? There’s nothing worse than a basement being completely filled with junk that serves no purpose or isn’t needed.

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About Us

Patriot Junk Removal provides junk removal and free estimates to Townsend, MA and the surrounding areas.

Located in Townsend, MA, we’re a veteran-owned and operated business, serving most of Central Mass and southern NH. Our founder, Ryan Harris, served in the United States Army from 2007-2011. He is a Purple Heart recipient and prides himself in honoring the values he learned in the military. Ryan now lives with his wife and their two young children in Townsend.

Patriot Junk Removal was formed with the mission to ensure each customer receives the quality service, respect, and professionalism they deserve.
We pride ourselves on always offering service and value to our customers. As a veteran owned business, you can rest assured the job will always get done. We always recycle and donate everything we can.